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Use our U.S. address to print discounted U.S. postage from Canada and we will courier your parcels across the border to the United States as if they were shipped from the United States. We even take care of U.S. customs clearance at no extra charge. There is no duty or tax to your U.S. customers when parcels are valued at under $800 USD per U.S. addressee.

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T-Shirt, 110 gram (4 oz)
Canada Post:
    $16.32    5-6 day delivery
DYK Post:
    $4.20      2-4 day delivery

Postage is an estimate with tracking included to the United States.

Coffee Mug, 310 gram (11 oz)

Canada Post:
    $17.68    5-6 day delivery
DYK Post:
    $5.50      2-4 day delivery

Postage is an estimate with tracking included to the United States.

Notebook, 680 gram (1.5 lb)

Canada Post:
    $21.14    5-6 day delivery
DYK Post:
    $8.40      2-4 day delivery

Postage is an estimate with tracking included to the United States.


Our Philosophy

Your business is our business

DYK Post delivers friendly and quality services with the highest ethical standard that our clients can trust. Our goal is to provide affordable shipping solutions universally accessible to Canadian online businesses. Your business is our business because customers are part of our DNA. We firmly believe in customers’ success. We do shipping and we know how to do it well. With a system-oriented approach in our organization, we know what we should focus on and how we can do it well and better!

Our Platforms

Streamlined Online Systems

Our core business is in shipping and we know how to do it well and better. With our system-oriented approach, we constantly strive for excellence and improvement to our business model and day-to-day operations. We have been deploying the various online platforms to help streamlining DYK Post’s cross-border shipping to the United States. With the standard procedures in place, our shipping solution specialists will be able to help couriering your U.S. purchases and returns back to Canada.

Start Your Savings Now

Revolutionary Cross-Border Shipping

Save Big on U.S. Postage.

Every customer is unique and their shipping needs are not the same. Whether you sell on eBay, Etsy,, or your own web site, we can assist you based on our cross-border shipping experience. We also offer free consultation to boost your online sales volume. Simply drop by our offices or give us a call. One of our shipping solution specialists will be happy to assist you.


What We Do Best

Our Service is in Shipping

We have the experience and expertise to help with your cross-border shipping. We will save you money on U.S. postage and can walk you through printing online postage at home or at work wherever possible.


Free Consultation

We offer free consultation and support to our clients for easy cross-border shipping.

Amazing Services

We have the amazing postage rates and customer service that you need for your business.

Detailed Invoicing

We offer detail invoices to our clients so you can cross-check for any discrepancy.

Online Systems

We offer online systems to our clients for easy cross-border shipping with DYK Post.

What our Customers Say

Check out real testimonials from our happy customers
  • "Awesome! So much less expensive to mail to U.S. Great customer service too."
    Sarah Glenn
    Facebook Review
  • "Just wanted to start off by saying that this company is 100% a 5 Star and needed service in Canada. I have been shipping out with DYK Post for 2 years now and am never disappointed with how friendly and helpful they have been with any issues arising with shipments to customers. They are quick to reply on emails when you have any type of questions reguarding shipping etc. Cannot express how happy I am to have switched over from Canada Post. I have saved so much money with switching over to USPS and it has opened me up to a new marketplace in the states and internationally! No matter the shipment DYK Post can handle it hassle free. If you are sending out a large shipment call ahead of time and get a manifest template to fill out ahead of time to save you time! Again thank you DYK Post!! - Keenan"
    Kennan A.
    Google Plus Review
  • "I've been using DYK Post for over a year now and I'm so impressed with the service. They are friendly, fast and their prices on shipping are fantastic."
    Google Plus Review
  • "If you need to ship parcels to the U.S. or internationally ... I HIGHLY recommend DYK Post, they deliver your parcels to the U.S. for shipment via USPS. It is easily 50% cheaper than any courier in Canada and every USPS shipping has tracking!! DYK Post has incredible customer service! They respond quickly and guide you every step of the way to set up your online business to ship with them!"
    Marlowe Harrowby
    Facebook review
  • "Awesome service, quick and always smiling."
    Google Plus Review
  • "Great service, highly recommend it"
    Sarah G
    Google Plus Review
  • "Great way to ship to the US."
    Andrew Cook
    Google Plus Review
  • "DYK Post is absolutely amazing! I sell on Etsy and had nothing but problems and complaints about shipping when I was using Canada Post. Now my customers are very happy and I am getting lots of great reviews due to the fast shipping. DYK Post is very reliable and organized! Highly recommended!"
    Trinity Hawes
    Google Plus Review
  • "Great idea, we ordered some great pop-up event tents for our DJ and audio visual service. Saved a bunch by buying on the US market."
    Calgary DJ
    Google Plus Review
  • "They save us a lot of money and get our packages out faster!!!"
    Angela Conner
    Google Plus Review
  • "I have a friend who uses this service frequently and they have never had any issues. I needed to send a package to the USA with highly valued (not to mention) heavy goods inside. I was a little worried at first that my package would get there but I had a tracking# the entire time. My package was delivered in a timely manner and in tact. I saved a LOT of money using DYK post. I live in Edmonton and .... I would definitely suggest using this service to anyone. I trust it 100%. ... my friend owns a small business and sends packages continuously and has never had an issue..."
    Marzena W. Review
  • "Such an amazing service provided!! Had parcels that do not ship to Canada brought right to the Edmonton office ready for pickup! Great communication and customer service the entire process!!"
    Heidi Brake
    Facebook Review
  • "Shipped 3 packages to Indonesia, and arrived as expected. Good job!"
    Mochamad Margo Wiharjo
    Facebook Review
  • "Ok have to say I'm SUPER impressed with DYK shipping! I'm absolutely floored by the service! I sent packages to the US on Thursday, normal ground mail, paid about $11-$15 per package, which weighed 4-5lbs each AND at least one arrived at their destination on MONDAY!!! That's AMAZING!!!"
    Jennifer Wile
    Facebook Review
  • "Excellent service! Very helpful Customer Service! I HIGHLY recommend DYK Post!"
    Lesley Stuart-Smith
    Facebook Review
  • "Everything worked exactly as advertised! Great service."
    David Purschke
    Facebook Review
  • "DYK Post has been a great Experience so far for me. Switched over from paying ridiculous prices at Canada Post to DYK Post! They drive your packages over the border to Montana and get then sent it through the USPS Facility! I sell video games I am so happy now I have an extremely cheap way of sending my packages with tracking across the states and internationally. Very friendly staff and helpful! Will be continuing business with them for as long as I need."
    Alpacas Gaming
    Google Plus Review
  • "Best service and excellent delivery time! 100% recommend!"
    Karina Taylor
    Facebook Review
  • "Excellent services as always, great communication and awesome rate/fee.."
    Bryan Natividad
    Facebook Review
  • "Excellent customer service! Winsome K. at the Edmonton branch was very helpful explaining DYK services and the best options for my business. I am very happy with the rates too, I will continue using DYK in the future."
    Adriana Guerra Colman
    Facebook Review
  • "Most USA stores do not ship to Canada this is a way to get your product !!! go online purchasing!!!"
    Goldie Jdmtoyota
    Facebook Review
  • "Carol and the gang saved me huge when FedEx made a big booboo. Always great to work with and pricing is extremely fair for the service they provide. You guys are great, and I cannot thank you near enough!"
    Jacquie Raymer Bretzer
    Facebook Review
  • "I have been a customer of DYK Post since early 2014, back when the drop off was in Cochrane. Now, they are located conveniently a few minutes from Deerfoot and McKnight. Their service has without question, changed my ecommerce business model for the better. I have shipped a few thousand packages thru them over the last two years and their service has given me access to the US and Global Market at affordable rates..."
    Carrie P. Review
  • "Excellent service! They go above and beyond to help out a customer. I even had them help me with my manifests and instruct me on how to print my shipping labels. Greatly recommended. If it wouldn't be for them, I would not sell so much."
    Lizochka A. Review
  • "This is a great post company, prices are reasonable and people are friendly!"
    Google Plus Review
  • "I have used DYK Post to ship hundreds of packages to the USA and internationally over the past year. The savings are incredible over Canada Post -- we save about $10 per package and packages reach customers faster."
    James Grahame
    Google Plus Review
  • "If I could I would use DYK to ship within Canada. Save so much money using them."
    Ashley Hildebrand
    Google Plus Review
  • "Great super fast and easy way for etsy sellers. An affordable way to ship to USA and international 😊"
    Nathan Taylor
    Google Plus Review
  • "I've had great experiences with sending packages. I sent a 2 x 12 x 14" package to the states, under 2 pounds. It was C$14. I use the service when ordering from the US if the company won't ship to Canada. Some of the places I have ordered from charge $30 to just ship, before duty. Your best value when shipping from the states is to have multiple shipments and have them processed and delivered at the same time. Fast and love the service!"
    Kyera Lea
    Google Plus Review
  • "Our company has been using DYK for 2 years now. We've always had a great experience."
    Essential Bracelet
    Google Plus Review

Simplicity Powering Your Online Business

Unique online platforms

At DYK Post, we offer unique online platforms to streamline all of your cross-border shipping needs: Online postage printing, e-manifest submission and paperless monthly account billing.

One Stop Solution

U.S. and Canada Bound Shipping

Over the the past few years, DYK Post has evolved into your one stop cross-border shipping company. Not only do we offer reasonable courier rates to the United States, we also have the reverse logistics to help taking care of your purchases and customer returns back to Canada at the same amazing rates. All purchases and parcel returns to Canada will be received and processed by Montana Mailbox, Inc. in Montana.


Shop in the USA

Buy as if you are from the U.S.

There are deals and rare items in the USA with free U.S shipping. However, shipping rates and brokerage to Canada by most carriers are often astronomical. Using DYK Post, you can have your favourite retailers/suppliers ship to Montana Mailbox, Inc. in the tax-free state of Montana. We then clear Canada Customs and courier them back to Canada at a very reasonable rate.


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Contact us to learn more about DYK Post's cross-border shipping
DYK Post has multiple locations to serve you, in Alberta and British Columbia: Calgary, Edmonton, Balzac, Richmond BC and Montana. If you are too far from where we are within the city, we offer free local pickup for volume customers or an amazingly low $20 city pickup fee for any customers. For your convenience, we also have drop-off locations in Red Deer, Innisfail, Lethbridge and Abbotsford.

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