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Canada Bound Shipping

Buy online in the USA as if you are from the U.S. and get them shipped to DYK Post/Montana Mailbox, Inc. in the tax-free state of Montana means no U.S. sales taxes. DYK Post will then clear Canada Customs and pay for import taxes/duties on your behalf before couriering your parcels to Lethbridge, Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton at an amazing rate !

Experience the Freedom of Buying Online in the USA

There are deals and rare items in the USA with free U.S. shipping. However, shipping rates to Canada and brokerage fee collected on delivery by major carriers are often astronomical. Using DYK Post, you have the freedom of shipping purchases to Montana Mailbox, Inc. in the tax-free state of Montana. Montana Mailbox, Inc. will provide you a free and unique physical USA address. That means you own a Montana USA address and do not need to pay U.S. sales taxes. DYK Post will then clear Canada customs and courier the parcels back to Canada at a very reasonable rate. Our courier rate starts at $1.00/parcel (under 2 lbs). In spite of our amazing courier rate, you are reminded that the total cost of import also includes warehouse fee at Montana Mailbox, Inc. ($2 USD/parcel under 1 lb or $4 USD/parcel between 1-60 lb), brokerage to clear Canada Customs, Canadian GST and import duties (where applicable). Make sure your anticipated import is worthwhile.

Step 1

Ship to Montana Mailbox, Inc.

Order your purchases and ship to:

Your name
102 Central Ave Ste (enter your registered number here)
Sweet Grass MT 59484

Register your USA address now

Montana Mailbox will email you a unique ticket number for each parcel they receive on your behalf; you can also see the picture of your parcel by logging into their online portal.

We do not import guns, weapons and related accessories, drugs, medicines, spirits, wine, beer, tobacco products and food items including drugs/foods for pets. DYK Post reserves the right to refuse any import which could be problematic, illegal or require special import licenses.

Step 2


Email DYK Post at as a pickup request with your sales/payment invoice(s)/receipts(s), ticket number(s) [from Montana Mailbox, Inc], a brief description of your purchases (box #, country of origin, etc), your name, address, phone number in Canada and whether it is a personal or commercial import.

If items are made in North America, please also include a valid NAFTA certificate in your email to us. Note that you will still be charged applicable duty set by our Government if a valid NAFTA certificate was not sent to us before your import. Our pickup days from Montana to Canada are currently every Tuesday and Thursday; parcels will be made available for pickup from our office in Calgary or Edmonton the next business day.

Pickup request with complete information must be received at DYK Post via email by 6 pm Sunday or Tuesday for scheduled pickups on Tuesday or Thursday, respectively. Parcels must have been received in Montana or pickup arrangement could be delayed.

Step 3


After receiving your pickup request, DYK Post will take care of your import. We will have a licensed customs broker to prepare for Canada Customs clearance and pay all fees on your behalf. The final bill will include such fee together with DYK Post’s courier and disbursement fee. All parcels will be couriered to either our office in Calgary or Edmonton for pickup. Customers who are in Lethbridge and Red Deer can request drop off at a requested nearby location off Highway 2 or home delivery (extra fee may apply).

In terms of Government taxes/duties (if applicable), we only charge you exactly what we paid to Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA); you can request a B3 (payment receipt) from us and additional fee will apply.

Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage via DYK Post

Invoice price (CAD)        Brokerage per vendor
$200 and Under            $15.00
$201-$300                      $20.00
$301-$400                      $25.00
$401-$500                      $30.00
$501-$1,000                   $35.00
$1,001-$2,500                $45.00

For an invoice price over $2,500, brokerage will be $45.00+0.6% of invoice price. Additional charge is applicable for a NAFTA certificate or if other government regulatory approval is required.

Personal importation is limited to a maximum value of $10,000 CAD per entry unless it is a business import and a valid business import number is provided. A business import number starts with your business number and ends with RM0001.


DYK Fee By Weight/Pallet

Weight (lb)                    Fee
under 1.9                     $1.00
2-3.9                             $2.00
4-9.9                             $3.00
10-19.9                         $5.00
20-29.9                         $8.00
30-39.9                         $10.00
40-49.9                         $15.00
50-59.9                         $20.00
60-69.9                         $25.00
70-79.9                         $35.00
Pallet                            $150.00

The above charges will be doubled for parcels/pallets that are considered oversize (over 48 inches in any one dimension); a 3% fuel surcharge will be applied to all invoices.

DYK Post has the Amazingly Low Courier Fee

Amazingly economical !

DYK Post charges $1.00/parcel courier fee from Montana to Canada for parcels under 2 lbs. This is the same courier fee charged for U.S. Bound shipping. Our customs brokerage fee is also the most economical you could find in the market when comparing to those from other major carriers.



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