How does it work at DYK Post for export?

DYK Post gives you a U.S. address for your U.S. bound shipments, resulting in money saving and faster delivery time. Your international U.S. shipments will be zone shifted to local U.S. shipments and handled directly by the United States Postal Services (USPS) the next business day. Delivery time by USPS throughout the United States is generally only 2-3 days.

1. What do you mean by “Your U.S. Post office in Canada”?

DYK Post offers a U.S. address for your shipping via zone shifting. You would be shipping parcels from Canada as if you were shipping from the United States, by paying local U.S. postage and gaining access to shipping services from the United States Postal Services (USPS) which would not have been available to Canadian otherwise.

2. I have never heard of this kind of shipping. How long has DYK Post been in business?

DYK Post was started in Alberta and has been shipping across the U.S. border directly to USPS since 2010 when the owners had their online businesses at that time. In 2014, DYK Post was trademarked with the vision of helping Canadian entrepreneurs to navigate shipping obstacles that they face in their online businesses. Just last year, DYK Post had helped Canadian in shipping millions of parcels from Canada across the U.S. border.

3. Why is it faster and cheaper using DYK Post when compared to other carrier such as Canada Post?

Canada Post hands over parcels to USPS at the border for all U.S. deliveries. Often, such transfer takes days if not weeks. DYK Post couriers your parcels across the border the very next business day, 6 days a week. We also customs clear your parcels directly at the closest U.S. Port of Entry. Once DYK Post drops off the parcels to USPS, their tracking numbers will start showing up, with a delivery time of about 2-3 business days throughout the USA. That’s why U.S. shipments are faster via DYK Post.

Your shipment from Canada to U.S is charged by, e.g., Canada Post per international postage rate. When using DYK Post, we zone shift your parcels and you are charged the local U.S. postage rate which is often much cheaper. Your total cost of shipping is then the local U.S. postage plus DYK Post’s courier fee of, e.g., C$1.00 per package (under 2 LBs) and hence the cheaper postage.

4. How do I get a U.S. address? How much does it cost?

You can sign up for a U.S. address from our web site and use it to ship. There is no monthly fee, membership fee or other charge to use the U.S. address to ship. Applicable charge will incur when your package is non-deliverable or has been returned/refused back to our U.S. address.

5. Do you only deal with commercial or high volume shippers? Is there any monthly/membership fee?

No. Whether you ship 1 or 100 parcels, everyone is welcome to use DYK Post. Simply drop by one of our branches to ship, just like going to a local Post Office. There is also no monthly or membership fee to use our services. Of course, if you have an e-commerce store, feel free to contact us and we offer free consultation to help with your shipping needs.

6. Do you only use the United States Postal Services (USPS)?

No. We also use DHL, United States UPS, United States FedEx and other U.S. carriers. We are here to connect you to all U.S. couriers. Since our fee is based on parcel weight, we are motivated to find you the cheapest possible postage for border crossing.

7. Is there any restriction in sending mail to the U.S. via DYK Post?

Yes. Not everything can be mailed. For examples, FDA regulated drugs, prescription medicines, alcohols, plant, live stock and foods are not allowed to be mailed across the border; all items must be legal and importable to the USA. There is also a content limit of $800.00 USD per day per recipient address.

8. What exactly is the $800.00 USD content limit? Can I ship things that are worth more than $800.00 USD?

$800.00 USD is the U.S. personal tax/duty exemption per day for de minimis (informal) shipments. Since there will be no tax and duty due, we can only accept shipments that do not exceed $800.00 USD to a single U.S. address. For shipments over $800.USD, they must enter the U.S. as formal entries and a U.S. customs broker is required. If you are interested in such formal entries, contact us directly and we can help you.

9. I know I can ship more than $800.00 worth of items to a U.S. address via Canadian UPS/FedEx/Canada Post. Why doesn’t DYK Post accept such shipments?

DYK Post trucks parcels across the border and does custom clearance directly at the port of entry. Since these are de minimis shipments, no customs broker is required and customs clearance will be completed as soon as 1 hour and no longer than a few hours. Therefore, we cannot accept shipments that are worth more than $800.00 USD without pre-submitting them to a broker as a formal entry clearance. On the contrary, Canadian UPS and FedEx have their own U.S. customs brokers and process shipments in bond while in transit so they can simply bill the recipient brokerage/tax/duty on delivery; similar situations will apply if shipping via Canada Post directly to the USA.

10. Other than saving money and time, why should I use DYK Post?

When DYK Post gives you a U.S. physical address to ship, it actually enables you to expand your business to the enomous U.S. market, by selling to the USA and shipping from the USA. This is exactly what U.S. buyers are looking for.

11. Why getting a U.S. address and shipping via DYK Post will increase my U.S. sales?

Despite of the fact that you are in Canada, you can now ship locally from U.S. to your U.S. customers via DYK Post. All tracking information start from a U.S. Post Office location and, therefore, this is exactly what U.S. buyers are looking for: parcels are shipped from U.S. to the U.S. and there is no customs declaration paper on the box.

12. When I ship from Canada Post to the United States, I had to put some kinds of customs declarations on the parcels. Why isn’t there any customs declaration on the parcels when shipping via DYK Post?

DYK Post submits customs declaration electronically to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and clears shipments directly at the United States Port of Entry. There is no need for paper declarations on the parcels.

13. What do you mean customs declarations are dealt with electronically?

When shipping via DYK Post, you can submit the customs manifest in one of the branch computers or sign up for the One Portal for submission at home.

14. How can I use DYK Post to ship?

The answer to this question depends on how many packages and how often you ship. If you only ship a few packages, it would be easier to drop by one of our branches and get the postage there to ship. There is a learning curve to understand the different USPS services and we are here to help. If you sell online, we can walk you through how to get you connected and start printing shipping labels online, depending on which selling platform you sell. You will need a good quality laser printer or a thermal printer.

15. I want to sell in Poshmark USA and not Poshmark Canada. Can I use your U.S. address to sell in Poshmark USA and have DYK Post to ship?

Yes. Just sign up for a U.S. address and start selling in Poshmark USA. This allows you to gain access to the enomous U.S. market which would not have been possible otherwise. Poshmark USA will give you pre-paid USPS Priority shipping labels which can be used directly at DYK Post. Simply drop off these packages with the pre-paid labels and pay our courier fee of, e.g., C$1.00/package under 2 LBs. Note that USPS boxes are free to be picked up from DYK Post and used for all Poshmark USPS labels.

16. I want to ship my stock to FBA but shipping from Canada to U.S. is very expensive. Can I use DYK Post to ship my boxes across the border and just pay shipping partner carriers from U.S. to the FBA warehouses?

Yes. Just sign up for a U.S. address and enter this address to your account. Setup in to ship from this U.S. address to the FBA warehouses. Pay for the shipping labels in and attach them with the FBA label onto your boxes. Finally, drop off these boxes to one of our branches, submit the manifest and pay DYK Post’s fee.

17. Can I ship my Amazon FBA boxes across the U.S. border using DYK Post and have the United States UPS to pickup? What is required? How much can I ship?

Yes. DYK Post can handle FBA boxes. Other than getting your United States UPS shipping labels from our U.S. address to FBA, a commercial invoice is also required on the outside of your boxes, summarizing exactly what you are shipping and how much the total price is. Keep in mind that the $800.00 USD per day per address (per Amazon warehouse) limit still applies.

18. For the purpose of U.S. customs declarations via de minimis shipment clearance by DYK Post, can I use the my item cost to calculate the total value to Amazon FBA?

No. Your items indeed have not been sold to anyone, except that you are trying to ship them to FBA for consignment. Therefore, it should not be qualified for an de minimis entry. However, U.S. customs generously considers FBA items as sold at the current Amazon selling price the moment that they cross the border. For the purpose of such de minimis entry, you will need to follow the same rule that U.S. customs assumes: Use the Amazon selling price for the export price calculation and the total value must be under $800 USD per day per FBA warehouse. You can ship as many shipments as needed to as many Amazon warehouses per day as long as each shipment does not exceed $800.00 USD. Believe it or not, U.S. customs will check the item prices in before allowing shipments to cross the border under an informal entry. DYK Post will charge a $50 penalty/recovery fee per box for shipments that do not comply with U.S. customs regulations and/or were refused entry by U.S. customs.

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