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Ship United States Postal Service from Canada

Whether you sell on eBay.com, Amazon.com, Etsy.com, PoshMark USA or your own web site, feel free to use your name together with our U.S. address:

102 Central Ave Ste (enter your registered number here), Sweet Grass MT 59484.

By using your registered and free U.S. address, you would be shipping from this Montana U.S. address to your U.S. customers. We then courier your parcels across the border to U.S. and clear U.S. customs on your behalf. Your international parcels from Canada to the USA will become U.S. local parcels to be delivered by the United States Postal Service. There is also no tax/duty when parcels are valued at under $800 USD per U.S addressee.

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Step 1. Pay for United States Postal Service Shipping Labels from Canada

Your international parcels from Canada to the USA will be couriered by DYK Post to the U.S. and transferred immediately to the United States Postal Service (USPS) network as local parcels. All USA local parcels handled by USPS include free tracking numbers and will be delivered in 2 to 3 days throughout the United States. Your parcels will be seen as shipping from Montana, with tracking information originating from our Montana U.S. address! There are different ways to purchase USPS postage labels:


Walk-in @ DYK Post

Just like a Post Office

The simplest way to ship is come in to our office in person and purchase the United States Postal Service (USPS) shipping label on site. Our staff are always happy to serve you and assist with our knowledge and experience in cross-border shipping. Come in just like going to local Post Offices and experience the DYK difference. You will automatically receive USPS cubic and commercial plus pricing discount. We will bill you in CAD funds for the converted USPS Postage together with our fee.

Using DYK Address in eBay.com, Etsy & Amazon.com

USPS labels directly from eBay, Etsy & Amazon

You can print USPS shipping labels directly from eBay.com, Etsy or Amazon.com. Simply add our U.S. address to your shipping from address in your online store(s) and start selling and printing labels as if you were from the USA. Postage discounts for eBay’s USPS shipping labels can vary; eBay’s USPS labels do not offer cubic pricing discount. If your parcels are relatively small but heavy, cubic pricing will help reducing your shipping cost substantially. Come talk to us and one of our shipping solution specialists will be happy to assist you.

Other Online USPS Postage Providers

Get it from Shippo

Most online USPS postage providers charge a monthly fee. To avoid this, you can register for a Shippo account to check USPS postage rates and print USPS labels directly from Canada. There is no monthly fee or credit card needed to register. Simply use our U.S. Address to start up an account. Shippo can also connect to your eBay.com or Shopify stores and will charge you $0.05 per label on top of your postage which can be debited from your PayPal account. Registering Shippo here will ensure that you receive DYK Post’s cubic and commercial plus pricing discount from USPS.


Step 2. Bring in Your Parcels with Pre-Paid Labels

Drop off or Request a Pickup

Once the pre-paid USPS labels are on your parcels, simply drop them off to one of DYK Post’s locations, submit your manifest for U.S. customs and pay our fee. DYK Post charges all U.S. bound shipment based on the following pricing scheme per parcel.

DYK Fee by Weight with Pre-Paid Labels

Weight (lb)       Charge
under 1.9          $1.00
2-3.9                  $2.00
4-9.9                  $3.00
10-19.9              $5.00
20-29.9              $8.00
30-39.9           $10.00
40-49.9            $15.00
50-59.9            $20.00
60-69.9            $25.00
70-79.9            $35.00

Additional charges may apply for parcels that are considered oversize (over 48 inches in any one dimension); a 5% fuel surcharge will be applied to all invoices.


Free USPS Boxes from DYK Post

Free USPS Priority Boxes for U.S. Bound Priority Shipment

United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority shipping boxes are free for our clients as long as the boxes are used for the purpose of shipping via USPS Priority services. When parcels weight over 1 lb, USPS shipping service automatically becomes Priority and all USPS eligible shipping boxes are free to use. DYK Post stocks most USPS Priority boxes. Come talk to us and see how you can save more money by picking up USPS boxes from DYK Post.

LEARN MORE about USPS Free Supplies

We also offer discounted DHL Express overnight to the USA and international services! Come talk to us!